Does Your Service GLOW?

We are here to help elevate your customer service training!

Customer Service is so important, and both our internal and external service programs are critical to our survival as a business and effectiveness to our patrons. Service GLOWS is a high energy and fast paced coursed (Approx. 1 hour 30 mins in length) designed for the operations professional. This course will guide you through a full length service training and then break down the components of how to develop your own program based on your core service needs, theme or fun idea related to your business. You will leave with tons of examples for how to turn customer service into a fun training and a reinforceable motivation program for your staff!

Service GLOWS

The content and ideas you need to make an impact!

  • Save Time

    Let us guide you and walk you through how to organize your ideas and make them a real and effective training program. The content is self-paced and gives you lifetime access to review at your convenience.

  • Award Winning Presenter

    Your instructor was recognized by the World Waterpark Association as a Best Speaker for delivery of this exact content.

  • Ideas

    We will explore tons of themes and ideas for how to take the Service GLOWS concepts and make it fit your organization....Pirates, Rock Star, Monopoly, Vegas, Survivor...and many more ideas to add fresh life into your program.

Course curriculum

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    Service GLOWS

    • Service GLOWS - How to Develop Your Own Customer Service Training Program