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Welcome to our Mini Self-Assessment Quiz for Aquatics Operators! Are you an aquatics operator who wants to ensure the safety of your guests and staff members? Do you want to make sure you are complying with industry standards and codes? Are you overwhelmed with the many aspects of aquatics operations and looking for a way to focus on one area of improvement? Our Mini Self-Assessment Quiz is designed specifically for you! This quiz is focused on evaluating the documentation and process for the daily pre-opening safety inspection for your operation. It will help you establish a baseline, provide immediate feedback, educate you on gaps, and offer recommendations on ways to improve your existing documentation or process.

Maximize Safety at Your Aquatics Operation with Our Quick Quiz

  • Education + Immediate Results

    Our quiz is unique because it provides you with a ranking score and immediate results and recommendations. Pre-opening safety inspections are required by many codes, lifeguard agencies, and are a standard in the industry. This mini self-assessment / quiz is a great way to focus on one area of improvement for your operation and get immediate results.

  • Types of Operations

    The assessment covers general aquatics/pool operations, attractions, and waterfront operations. It is for operators who want to improve their operations and make sure they are doing what they can to provide a safe experience for their guests and staff members. There are 100 quick questions to make a significant impact no matter what type of operation you have!

  • Targeted Focus

    We understand that many parts of aquatics can be overwhelming, and that's why we want to reduce the overwhelm and focus on one area. Our quiz is designed to help you identify areas for improvement, so you can focus your efforts and resources on those areas. Got one hour to invest in improving your operation? We got you!

Testimonials + Feedback

  • So much Value...

    "Seriously, this was so much value for so little time. I just put in what we are currently doing and I could easily see the gaps and where to make changes or what to add in. Thank you!" - B.V.

  • I needed this 10 yrs ago...

    "Don't tell anyone, but 10 years ago I copied someone else's form and have just ran with it. Wow, I wish I had this back then so I could have made sure I was doing the right thing. I'm sending an email for what else I need :-)" - R.R.

  • Basic, yet not...

    "This seemed like such a basic topic, but my eyes were opened to how much we were missing. Glad to now have the confidence that if we are going to spend the time to do a safety check, we are going to be doing it right. You guys are the best!" - A.H.

Course curriculum

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    ALIVE Solutions Mini Assessment: Daily Aquatics Pre-Operating Safety Inspection

    • Introduction + Overview

    • Assessment Quiz

    • Application + Debrief