What's This Course About...

We are so excited for this course...we wanted to tell you who this course is for (and not for), why we created this course, and what you are going to get out of it.  Check this out...

Are you Ready to Learn...

-How to improve your response during emergencies

-How to handle all things post-event

-How to prepare before an emergency event happens.  

Listen, we have done a great job as an industry of training lifeguards, but there is a huge gap between lifeguard care and EMS.  As an operator, manager, leader we need to be trained on how to better manage, respond to and recover from events.  What we do pre-event, during-event, and post-event matters.  

We want to share with you are learnings from years of operating and hundreds of accident and drowning event investigations what we have learned....and what we wished we would have known as operators.  

Commit to...

the confidence that comes with knowing what to do pre, during, and post events.

What's The Content?

  • 1


    • 1.1 Welcome / Goals / Format / Overview

  • 2


    • 2.1 Aquatic Incident Commander Role

    • 2.2 AIC A to I: Letter A

    • 2.3 AIC A to I: Letter B

    • 2.4 AIC A to I: Letter C

    • 2.5 AIC A to I: Letter D

    • 2.6 AIC A to I: Letter E

    • 2.7 AIC A to I: Letter F

    • 2.8 AIC A to I: Letter G

    • 2.9 AIC A to I: Letter H

    • 2.10 AIC A to I: Letter I

    • 2.11 EMS Interview - During Events


  • 3


    • 3.1 Post Event Scene + Notifications

    • 3.2 Post Event Communication + Processes

    • 3.3 Post Event Learnings: Reflection + Application

    • 3.4 Overview of Legal Process - Part 1

    • 3.5 Overview of Legal Process - Part 2

  • 4


    • 4.1 Planning for Emergencies

    • 4.2 Pre-Event Considerations

    • 4.3 Emergency Action Plans + Considerations

    • 4.4 Equipment for Emergencies

    • BONUS: AED Mini Course

    • BONUS: Oxygen System Mini Course

    • 4.5 Documentation Review + Evaluation

    • 4.6 Signage + Physical Facility Inspection

    • 4.7 Pre-Event Training

    • 4.8 Fear Setting Exercise -777

    • 4.9 EMS Interview - Pre Event

  • 5


    • 5.1 Take Aways

    • 5.2 End of Course Survey + Certificate Request

Bonus material

Don't miss out on the valued added content and resources we have included for you...

  • Samples

    We've got you covered with EAP examples, checklist examples, report examples. All the things you need to better prepare for an emergency

  • AED & Oxygen Mini Courses

    Learn everything you didn't know you needed to know about our emergency equipment. Seriously, we understand equipment on a new level. You don't want to miss these courses. Included free (a $69 value).

  • Real Experience

    Learning from real life experiences is valuable, but we also believe you can learn without the pain that real events bring. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

This is an ALIVE Foundations Course...

our series of important fundamental topics all operators should know...

We know…unfortunately, bad things can happen to good people and to good operations, and we need to invest in ourselves and our team to harness the impact these events can have.  We don’t want you to learn how to handle emergencies by going through it.  We want to give you tools, insights, perspective, knowledge and confidence to prepare you now.  

What will you get out of this course:  

Over 8+ hours of content delivered to you in a self-paced method so you can go at your own pace, with lifetime access to review and refresh the material at any time. 

In the DURING event section we will: 

  • An understanding of the role and responsibilities of the leader, or incident commander during an emergency event
  • Tactical framework for what to do as a leader during an event.  We will cover our A to I framework for Incident Commanders so you can manage an emergency scene with confidence. 
  • Deeper dive and understanding of EMS - included several interviews with a Deputy Chief of an EMS organization to help us better understand their role and what to expect. We will discuss tips for how to manage emergency scenes and how best to integrate with your local EMS agency.

In the POST event section we will: 

  • Review and create systems and processes for what to collect, document, and communicate post event
  • How to support staff - big deal for the future success of your operation
  • Discuss why and how we recommend going to the hospital post event
  • Media communications, internal and external notifications
  • How to make changes / decision post event
  • Understanding of the legal process including civil vs. criminal cases and the 5 phases of the civil legal process. 

In the PRE event section we will: 

  • Focus on legal perspectives / considerations for operators
  • Review our EAP to ensure it is supporting our operation and allows for flexibility
  • Review keys to evaluating our equipment, signage, and physical facility to operate in a prudent manner
  • Review our documentation through a lens of post event considerations
  • Create a training plan an execution that is framed to prime for and expect events to take place. 
  • Harness our fears / intuitions to make impactful changes to positively prepare for an event. 

The Time Is Now...

We can't tell you when an emergency will take place, but we can guarantee you will be better prepared for it!