Are you Ready for Amazing Online Inservices???

Enhance and simplify your inservice training program with high quality and impactful content from ALIVE Solutions instructors. With years of operating, lifeguard, and experience in hundreds of drowning investigations...let us take some of the heavy lifting off of your plate and maximize the learning of your lifeguards. ALIVEguard is divided into a single hour inservice or can be purchased as 3 one hour blocks. This program is designed to be incorporated into your own hands on skill practice on site. Ideally, assign one hour of online inservice per month and do the rest of the hours in person. This is also a great way to handle make-up inservices and a way to spend time in important and often overlooked topics of interest. Currently there are 3 levels of ALIVEguard available. Level 1 - Red Level, Level 2, - White Level, and Level 3 - Blue Level. Additional levels will be coming out soon! ALIVEguard training can be purchased in single 1 level (1 hour) blocks, or as a bundle of all 3 levels together (3 hours total). Pricing starts as low as $3 per guard / per inservice hour. Email for discount pricing and more information!

Inservice Topics

Impactful content in a fun and efficient format...

  • Level 1 - RED

    1 hour of content including: Lifeguard Wellness, Preparation, Drowning 101, Effective Surveillance, Surveillance Considerations...

  • Level 2 - WHITE

    1 hour of content including: Rotations Distractions, Investigating, Hesitation in stand, Decision Making...

  • Level 3 - BLUE

    1 hour of content including: Emergency Action Plans, Critical Skill Review - part 1+2, Drowning Case Studies, Contributing Factors...

Course curriculum

  • 1

    ALIVEguard Intro

    • ALIVEguard Intro

  • 2

    ALIVEguard Inservice - Level 1

    • ALIVEguard 1.1

    • ALIVEguard 1.2

    • ALIVEguard 1.3

    • ALIVEguard Level 1 Exit Survey

  • 3

    ALIVEguard Inservice - Level 2

    • ALIVEguard 2.1

    • ALIVEguard 2.2

    • ALIVEguard 2.3

    • ALIVEguard Level 2 Exit Survey

  • 4

    ALIVEguard Inservice - Level 3

    • ALIVEguard 3.1

    • ALIVEguard 3.2

    • ALIVEguard 3.3

    • ALIVEguard Level 3 Exit Survey