CALLING ALL CAREGIVERS: Camp Counselors, Babysitters, Nanny's, Au Pair's, Coaches...

This course is designed specifically for you!  When you take on the role of caregiver, it comes with the responsibility to keep those in your care safe!  We have designed this course to give you the right knowledge, awareness, and appreciation for water you can be Water Smart!  Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under 14, and we can do something about it! Let's go! 

Key Features

This course is divided into 6 Videos that are self-paced content with access for 1 year!

  • Completion Certificate

    Earn your completion certificate to prove you have the right knowledge to be an ALIVE Water Smart Caregiver!

  • Valuable Time

    The 6 videos are mini lessons that in total are less than 1 hour of your time. So much information while respecting your valuable time!

  • Case Study Video + 4 Bonus Videos

    The course is filled with relevant videos and ends with an impactful case study to reinforce why we do what we do! We have also included 4 Bonus videos for specific locations: Water Smart @ home, @ waterparks, @ the beach, and @ the lake!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    ALIVE Water Smart Caregiver: Camp Counselor / Babysitter / Nanny...

    • Module 1: Intro / Overview / Statistics

    • Module 2: Acknowledge + Knowledge

    • Module 3: Layer w/ ALIVE Smart Circles of Safety

    • Module 5: Vigilant Supervision

    • Module 4: Intentional Approach

    • Module 6: Expect + Respond

    • Course Exit Survey + Completion Certificate Request

  • 2

    Bonus Modules: Water Smart By Location

    • Bonus #1: Water Smart @ Home

    • Bonus #2: Water Smart @ Waterparks / Community Pools

    • Bonus #3: Water Smart @ The Beach

    • Bonus #4: Water Smart on Open Water (Lakes, Rivers... + Boats / Watercraft)