What's the Effective Auditing Course About?

We are so excited for this course... why we created this course, and what you are going to get out of it.  Check this out...

Are you ready to learn...

Why effective auditing is so important.

How to be an effective auditor.

Why auditing is the best tool to prepare your team for a real event. 

Mistakes operators make with their auditing program.

What are conditioning factors related to auditing and how do they impact our program.

Tips and strategies for effective development and implementation of an auditing program.

The legal perspective of auditing. 

How to document your audits effectively.  

What we have learned from doing thousands of audits across all types of aquatics operations...

Let's Learn and Take Effective Action

Auditing is a critical marker of an effective aquatics operation.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Effective Aquatics Auditing

    • Intro - ALIVE Framework + Tips

    • 1: Overview of Auditing - The What + The Why

    • 2: Types of Audits + Impact

    • 3: Effective Auditor Considerations

    • 4: Surveillance Audits

    • 5: Drop Drill Audits

    • 6: Skill Audits

    • 7: Other Types of Audits

    • 8: ARROW Assessment Overview

    • 9: Setting Your Intent

    • 10: Vital Preparations - 4 Steps

    • 11: Execution of Audits

    • End of Course Survey + Certificate Request

Bonus material

Included resources to help you be successful! All you need in one place!

  • 30+ Document Samples

    Browse through the extensive collection of documentation samples related to auditing. From Surveillance audits, to skills audits, to drop drills, and remediation outlines. We have plenty of resources to guide you!

  • Over 40 Case Study Videos

    Learn the tips and tricks of effective auditing from real audits. Our case study videos will help illustrate concepts and get you confident and familiar with the process in no time!

  • Workbooks

    Detailed downloadable workbooks to help guide you through developing an effective auditing program at your own facility, or re-evaluating what you are currently doing.

Is this course for you?

Have you ever said: 

  • I don't have time for auditing
  • Auditing takes too much work
  • I have too many more important things to be doing over auditing
  • I'm not sure our audits are "worth it"
  • I'm not "required" to do audits by the code
  • Audits are too much trouble

We feel you, and this course is for you!  

Are you an operator who: 

  • Wants to make things easier and simplified
  • Understands the importance of growth and realism in what we do
  • Knows they should be doing more but hasn't had the time or resources yet
  • Currently audits but can tell they aren't effective
  • Knows you have gaps in your auditing program
  • Wants to make your effort worth it and valuable

We feel you, and this course is for you!  

What will you get out of this course:  

Over 6+ hours of content delivered to you in a self-paced method so you can go at your own pace, with lifetime access to review and refresh the material at any time. 

We will: 

  • Highlight the WHY behind auditing and the value it brings to you as an operator and to your team
  • The common mistakes and lessons learned we have seen with auditing
  • The tips, tricks, and strategies to create an effective auditing program
  • The mindset and framework to understand the legal aspects of auditing
  • Small vs. Large Operation tips and Implementation strategies
  • Considerations on how to make an auditing program work for you and not against you
  • Strategies for managing change
  • Types of Audits and Audit Failures
  • Workbook resources to thoughtfully plan and evaluate your auditing program
  • Sample documentation and resources to guide you and give you ideas
  • Case study videos to show you examples and the "how to's"
  • And so much more...

The Time is Now!

Let's be intentional about important components of our operation that matter!